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Lover of vibrant colors and truth-soaked music, Julie Hufstetler is a song artist based in Northeast, Ohio. Her approachable spirit shines through her artistry as she is determined to craft Christian-informed music that frees listeners to connect with the Lord.

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My music

Bring Me Some Christmas Cheer-Julie HufstetlerJulie Hufstetler
00:00 / 03:33
The Man You've Become Julie Hufstetler
00:00 / 03:19
Treasures of GraceJulie Hufstetler
00:00 / 03:45
Front Row SeatJulie Hufstetler
00:00 / 04:00

What people are saying...

Doug Pugh

Owner, Chick-Fil-A

"We want professional musicians to play at our restaurant each month and that’s why we chose Julie.  An engaging performer and and overall great connector to her audience, she’s Nashville Good.  The same folks show up over and over to hear her.  I appreciate that she’s always present and loyal.  Everyone is at ease when Julie is performing.  People ask how we got such a professional musician to play here!"


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