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Lover of vibrant colors and truth-soaked music, Julie Hufstetler is a song artist based in Northeast, Ohio. Her approachable spirit shines through her artistry as she is determined to craft Christian-informed songs that free listeners to know and connect with God.

As a singer, songwriter, pianist, recording artists, teacher and performer, Julie has ultimately been recognized as a song artist because of the intentional way she creates and delivers music. Her driving purpose is simple: to know God more deeply and help others do the same. While she enjoys and engages in many forms of art, writing music is her primary focus in connecting others with Christ because of its relational nature. Her songs are largely inspired by people’s stories: learning where they’ve come from and uncovering what holds them back from the blessings of God’s love. From this inspiration comes her overall mission: to help build God's Kingdom through music that points back to Him.

Since 1980, Julie has been using her gift of music to help others rid of the lies that keep them from satisfaction found in Christ. Her life passion has allowed her to become an award-winning, published songwriter where she has performed at the Canton Football Hall of Fame, led worship for the Ohio Christian Educators Association Convention, and has been heard on local radio stations such as WCRF and WNPQ. Listeners can enjoy her music on iTunes, Spotify and most online platforms.

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