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Meet Julie

Lover of vibrant colors, chocolate peanut-butter cup ice cream, and truth-soaked music, Julie Hufstetler is a singer, songwriter, pianist and piano instructor based in Northeast, Ohio. Her approachable spirit shines through her artistry as she is determined to craft Christian-informed music that frees listeners to connect with the Lord.

Julie believes music can speak truth, edify others, and be used as a ministry outlet. That’s why she focuses her songwriting on telling stories that reflect God’s goodness through the messiness of life. In addition to performing her own music, Julie specializes in upbeat, love songs and pop music for restaurants, banquets, weddings, and other venues. Her music can be enjoyed on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and her YouTube Channel: (name of that here).


Outside of music, Julie can be found reading a good book, smothering her family with love, designing breathtaking gardens, cracking up to fail videos online, and digging into a bowl of Pierre’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.

“God can feed His sheep through the gift of music. That’s what I want to do with my songs. I want to feed His sheep.”



Julie’s journey with music began when she and her brother began goofing around with a tape recorder when they were kids. After singing silly tunes and listening back to the recordings, she discovered an inward joy that came from her voice. She chased this feeling through school, church choirs, and as the back-up singer to her parents who were both accomplished soloists. Feeling that music was directly connected with her identity, Julie sought every possibility to express herself through music.


In the early 2000s, she decided to explore the option of becoming an independent artist by attending Music in the Rockies, a popular seminar/festival for singers and songwriters. While she learned and deepened her love for music, and even won a songwriting competition while there, she also determined the music industry lifestyle was a not a fit for her. In the meanwhile, she embraced the gift of starting a family.

“I once had someone tell me I was obsessed with writing music about Jesus. At first, that sounded like a bad thing, but then I thought: ‘What a great thing to be obsessed about.’”

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